Lucien Liz-Lepiorz

design & develop

Allstate Identity Protection

For over 80 years, Allstate has embodied safety and trust in the eyes of American consumers. In order to diversify the company’s portfolio, an internal innovation group explored the digital privacy and protection industry. Consumers ended up craving a feature that I co-developed with Sabrina Gagliano: real-time monitoring of breaches that affect your data.

experience goals

Before diving into ideation, we identified Allstate’s brand values and mapped them to the problem space. This exercise allowed us to set our guiding goals: a key component of successful product/market fit.

adding fidelity & structure

high-level journey map

As the user experience matured, a number of operational needs arose. These were integrated into the notification process and optimized for low complexity.

creating an operational plan

The final prototype mirrored our lean planning: it provided users with transparent updates, clear content, and distinct action items.

breaking news

At the first sign of a credible data breach, Allstate would notify customers and establish a voice of expertise. The timeline and language indicated behind-the-scenes work, while a simple watchlist action put the user in control.

first stage activated

Breaches typically unfold within a few hours. After gathering enough information on the event’s scope and validity, the breach would enter stage two.

more information uncovered

enhanced content

The user now had access to a handful of effective damage control techniques. During sensitive events, users could opt-in to full identity protection.

specific actions available

user is personally affected

Finally, after a period of days-to-weeks, Allstate would notify customers whose data was directly identified within the breach. This level of severity served as a capstone of trust, and could be immediately implemented.

theme changed to red

If a user chose to update their password, direct links to the appropriate webpages provided a seamless experience.

direct link to login

After the concepting period, multiple consumers were extensively interviewed. Each user easily understood the breach process, and they all expressed an emotional connection to the safety of Allstate’s brand.

a traditional research approach

gathering feedback

the experience resonated with users

In August of 2018, Allstate purchased InfoArmor for $525 million: a deal that absorbed this innovation project, and one that continues to lead them down the path of digital protection.

Final accountabilities included competitive research, visual concepting, user experience direction, user research, and stakeholder alignment.