Lucien Liz-Lepiorz

design & develop

NEXT 2015

Inspired by topography, the NEXT 2015 identity expressed both the Corcoran’s heritage and optimistic future. Individual paths, drawn from the Sierra Nevada landscape of Mount Corcoran, united in one community. The resemblance to a fingerprint evoked the relationship between identity and creation.


affinity diagramming

Set against the backdrop of a merger between the Corcoran and George Washington University, a group of junior designers framed their conceptual brands with a collective wordmap.

finalized wordmap

From three competing options, university stakeholders chose my direction. Lines flowed organically across each structured letter: a synthesis of identities.

organic forms in classical motifs

banners at New York Avenue

recessed entryway graphics

Cool tones provided additional visual interest, maintained the viewer’s focus on legibility, and complimented the branding program’s architectural context.

branding in gallery atrium

hallway directional aid

wayfinding signage

Visual vocabulary included topographic forms and solid gradient fields that mimicked the wordmark’s movement. These elements added depth and enhanced the interdisciplinary metaphor.

sculptural print invitation

gallery guide & program

merchandise highlights

To emulate physical texture and distance, the microsite and iPad directory app introduced black transparencies and blurred, gradient-like imagery.


iPad app

It was an honor to have my work displayed across hundreds of square feet—and across from the White House. Tight deadlines proved my ability to excel under pressure, and a broad set of deliverables cultivated my affinity for systems.

Final accountabilities included visual concepting, brand development, invitation design, wayfinding, web development, and iOS development.